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Dear Nicola, 

Thank you for your congratulations. It is a huge relief that at  long last it has happened. 

We were in the middle of Lucca when Ken phoned. I am sure our cheers echoed along the narrow streets. We did celebrate that night with the friends we were with - Prosecco in Italy at a grand price of 4 euros a bottle! 

Thank you, particularly, for all your hard work on our behalf.  Your persistence and determination has got us here. I am sure we could still be waiting if it wasn't for you. Thank you also for being so tolerant of our millions of questions and always answering them with patience. I am sure you banged your head against the wall afterwards! Your honesty in keeping us linked in even when your frustration was mirroring ours was also really good. We didn't feel left out of the progress - or lack of it!   It was really good and helpful knowing that there was one direct link in your office. It helped to relieve the stress -  somewhat. We really appreciated all you  have done. 

Many, many thanks. 

Barbara and Peter. 

Brilliantly well done you all. 

I am so thankful I found you Debbie.  Your wisdom is fantastic.  Thank you xx


Dear Debbie and Liz

Thank you all for being amazing Agents and please say a huge Thank you to Steve who is an excellent landlord.
Have a lovely weekend

Mandy & Mike

I am a landlord and rented my house out through Sparks Ellison during 2017/2018.

During that time I found the estate agency to be incredibly professional, courteous and efficient. The initial photographs of the house, taken by the agency were very well done indeed. The house was advertised on the company's own website as well as RightMove. 

I was confident that the detailed description of the house, floor plan and photos, reflected how presentable the house was. 

The agency have a good network of contractors that work well with Sparks Ellison. I used the contractors recommended by Sparks Ellison to prepare the house for letting. As a result the house was spotlessly clean, and the garden looked like a National Trust property.

Everyone I spoke to or emailed at Sparks Ellison was incredibly helpful. Debbie, Liz and Victoria, were fast to respond to any issues raised by the tenant, and the communication was quick and first rate. I felt that the team did everything they could, to ensure the tenants were happy in the house, passing on feedback from the tenants and helping to resolve any issues or concerns raised by the tenants. The regular house checks were invaluable and really put my mind at ease. I was very fortunate to have had such great tenants, but equally fortunate to have chosen Sparks Ellison as an estate agent.

Stephen Hutchinson

Dear Nicola

Thank you so much for your wonderful work that helped us successfully purchase our new home in Chandlers Ford. We are very lucky to have you taking care of the post-sale management of our purchase, which was a challenging task because we were situated in a long chain of seven links. We relied heavily on your professionalism, excellent skills and tireless effort in coordinating the chain to eventually sail through a very stressful challenging journey. By the time you receive this card, we will have collected the key for our new home. The happiness and gratefulness ours.

Once again thank you so much for your superb work!

Best Wishes, Mr Tang