Nothing Too Scary About 2019

It has seemed at times throughout 2019 that we have been fed a tremendous amount of negativity which has in itself created a great deal of uncertainty about the economic and political path our nation will take.  We have been continually asked by customers on a daily basis what impact this has had, or is likely to have, on the housing market.  Sadly, none of us have a crystal ball to look ahead into the future but we can say with certainty that 2019 has given us cause to celebrate and be positive in many ways.  As a business, our market share goes from strength to strength and as of October 31st we had agreed a staggering 271 sales this year.  In Chandlers Ford we have been responsible for over 40% of all sales agreed (see chart below) and have sold 86% of the properties we have taken to the market.  To put this into context the 2nd highest selling agent has sold just 54.6% of what they have taken to the market.
Other positive factors to consider are:

  • Nationally, the average price of a home rose by 1.2% in August compared to a year ago, according to the official UK house price index.  This is the highest level of annual growth recorded since April.  
  • The UK economy grew by 0.3% in the last three months to August which was slightly higher than expected.
  • Sales levels in September were at their highest monthly level since August 2017, according to the HMRC.  
  • 65,990 mortgages for house purchases nationally were approved by the Bank of England in September, up 0.6% year on year and the highest September figure since 2016.
  • Average rents paid by UK private tenants grew by 1.3% in the year to September.
  • House prices in Chandlers Ford have increased by 31% in the last five years.

None of us know what lies ahead but it just goes to show that with a positive frame of mind, hard work and a business continually led day to day by the owners just what can be achieved. With drive and ambition and regardless of factors outside of our control, quite simply we just have to get on with it.