Valuing Your Property


Each month we carry out hundreds of viewings and valuations so we have an unrivalled insight into what property is currently on offer and what buyers are prepared to pay. With a keen eye for detail, we quickly determine the attributes and selling features of every property and where this places it in the market.

Our experience and track record means that we have a great knowledge of the area and a strong grasp of the market.


Our valuations are based on years of local knowledge both as residents and business owners. Adam, Mark and the team have valued thousands of properties in the area since 2003 affording a consistent approach. There is a blend of local history, research of data and review of properties across the region to discover trends and activity that affect your property and the market as a whole.

A balanced, realistic view

We are always open and honest as we recognise that this is the best and most effective way of conducting our relationship with you. We are proud of our integrity. Our valuations are carefully thought through and discussed in our daily sales meeting where we review comparable evidence, recent property sales, and competitor analysis.

Why it pays to get the valuation right

If your property is priced too high, you won’t get viewings and your estate agent will soon be recommending a drop in price. This can have a detrimental effect. Evidence shows that you’re more likely to accept a lower amount for your property if it’s been on the market for a long time. Alternatively, if your valuation is too low, you risk losing out. A completely honest and balanced view is essential. Beware the agents that give you an unrealistically high valuation to get you on their books; it may be flattering but seldom advisable.