‘The Property Market’ since returning to the new normal

First of all, we would like to take this opportunity to offer our sincere and heartfelt best wishes to all of our customers, past and present, and hope that everybody is safe and well.

It seems a long time ago now that The Government gave our industry the green light on the evening of May 12th to return to work on May 13th.  So, the big question now is…How has it been?  What are property prices doing?  And how is the market?  In short it has been quite amazing.  The level of activity has been far greater than we could have ever of imagined and seemingly there was a great deal of pent up business that people wanted to originally carry out in March, April and the beginning of May.

To put this into context we have listed over 50 properties for sale since May 13th, booked 424 viewings, resulting in a total of 84 offers being made.  On the subject of prices, we are pleased to report that absolutely nothing has changed. Sadly, the media were portraying a different picture indicating that values would plummet but at present we have seen nothing to suggest this, particularly as demand has been so high.

We have certainly been doing our bit to ensure that our customers and our staff have been safe and we adopted a very strict policy for viewings whereby only two people are allowed to enter a property to view, they have to wear gloves and face masks and complete a simple health questionnaire prior to visiting.  We continue to do this as the safety and well being aspect of our business is of paramount importance to us.  Only this week a story emerged in the national news indicating that agents and viewers were not taking Covid-19 precautions which could threaten the housing market and the ability to view.  We have been overwhelmed by the praise we have received from the public with the policies that we have put into place with many commenting on how safe they feel conducting business with us.

As more and more industries and business open up, we shall see how things play out and what effect this has on the economy as a whole moving forward. We will certainly play our part to ensure that the housing market remains as buoyant as possible and we will continue to provide sensible, realistic and professional advice together with keeping everybody safe and well.

In summary, we are delighted with the response to the re-opening of the property market and we very much hope that the high levels of activity continue through the summer and  into the autumn.  We shall, of course, keep you notified in an honest fashion as to how the market reacts and behaves to events.

Warmest wishes,

Adam & Mark